My crook v your crook

The latest political game show has me asking this question:

If my politician did <insert behavior here> would you be angry and want to denounce/impeach him/her?

If you say yes then the same answer stands for your politician. Sadly the majority of the electorate then turn blind eye to their politician’s bad behavior. Partisan politics sees no wrong.

I believe that if we the electorate held our ‘servants of the people’ to standard of acceptable behavior, regardless of political party, ‘we the people’ will ‘clear out the swamp’. The politicians will never stop the graft and self-serving behaviors.

Instead ‘we the people’ continue to allow, even encourage, bad behavior by reelecting these crooks and charlatans as long as it is ‘our politician’. Politicians remain in office, become multi-millionaires and retire with full medical benefits. ‘We The People’ just suck it.

The USA deserves the swamp it has created.

What to do?

To endure doubt is ultimately the only thing you can do in life – to not strive for meaning or answers, and to endure the state you’re in.

– Dimitrov Lasky quoted in ‘Star Struck’, Christine Smallwood, The New Yorker, Oct. 28 ’19

Pissing off adult children

Every few years it seems I piss off some adults that really have the maturity of children.

The latest is on one of the Internet forums where I’m a moderator. Some of the members seem to think it is OK to take swipes at each other and also take the occasional shot at the company hosting the site. I’m all about discussion, sharing information, thoughts and opinions. BUT I don’t tolerate attacks on others and snide comments against the host.

So these users had been needing some direction on how to act as adults. At first I asked them to be aware of their tone and keep on-topic. They continued and I removed their offending posts. They didn’t take it at all well and cried ‘censorship!’ These ‘adults’ don’t understand that private forums have no freedom of speech protections, don’t fully understand what freedom of speech means: where the USA first amendment applies (ie, not on private forum).

These people just want no filtering of the dribble coming off their fingers and believe there are no consequences for whatever they type. This is what the Internet easily allows – communicating things that done face-to-face would result in a bunch in the mouth.

I’ve been ‘on the net’ since the late 80s) pre-www/html stuff, became moderator on a bulletin board in 1989, created my first www-site in 1995 … so I think I have a good grasp on what is acceptable.

So they are now ‘taking their toys and leaving’ while taking pot shots at me on forums they don’t realize I’m also member.

I’m hoping these few stay away … but I honestly think they will return after lurking in the background.

Trolling for likes

I really hate posters on Instagram that fill their image descriptions with #followme and #likeme and requests to #tagthem and #tagothers #tagyourfriends to be #spammy. (My #hashtagging annoy you?!)

Lately I have been blocking any poster on my followed hashtags that begs for follows or tagging. I find most of these people are just sharing other persons’ images or banal content that is clickbait and spammy advertising crap.

I like following others, and some hashtags, to see different things and maybe be inspired. Most are people know.

I say to people in Instagram, ‘on’t waste my time in trying to build your ego shamelessly.” Yes I realize blogs and Instagram are about ego. Just don’t do it so blatantly! If you provide content that people find interesting and inspiring you will gain followers. Begging for it makes you asshole.

I recommend anyone reading to block Instagram posters that beg for follows.

Don’t bother me

In my ‘Internet time’, beginning in the mid-1980s, I’ve been a moderator of many bulletin boards, forums, listprocs, usegroups, Yahoo groups, Facebook groups, etc.  I believe I have learned, and have some skill at, being a moderator of these virtual spaces.

flogo_rgb_hex-brc-site-250Today I was banned from a Facebook group because I flagged a post for the moderator to review.  I was removed because I ’caused trouble’ by reporting a problematic discussion.  The group admin wrote –

please don’t cause anymore trouble for the mods, we have other bs going on in our lives outside of a trivial facebook page.


I understand if I had written something controversial … but I wrote nothing. I reported a problematic post.

Group admin can do what they like, it is their ‘sandbox’; but banning the person that reported a problematic post.  Being too busy to moderator a group you created?! Again WTF!!!


Damn phone

As most folks I no longer carry a camera as the ‘smartphone’ has taken its place for casual snapping of a picture.

For all the ‘smartphone’ abilities it is still a stupid computer that messes up and does crazy things.

My phone is a Motor X4.

Just recently the damn phone has lost photos – I took them and the phone made all the right noises and confirmations … but when I go to use the photos some are not there.


Powerboats suck

This is a rant.  You don’t want to read a rant stop now.

I find that most power boaters, again I’m saying most, just don’t know anything about etiquette or the rules of the road on the water. They are impolite, nit at all courteous, and generally are assholes.

First being a sailboat has the priority on the water. This means that a powerboat must do all they can to be out of the way of a sailboat. I’m talking when a sailboat is sailing and not using a motor. This means a powerboat should give way, give space, and generally not be close to the sailboat because that big ass wake will disturb the wind in the sails. Most power boaters do not get this and seem that it is so much trouble with their hundreds of horsepower to turn off the autopilot and put down their beer to change course to give a sailboat space.

Next power boaters don’t seem to understand their wakes are greatly disturbing as their boats are greatly inefficient in the water. Power boaters seem to think it is fine to ignore a speed limit or wake limit in an anchorage, Bay or garboe. Even when there isn’t a limit the power boater seems to think it’s okay to charge through anchored boats or boats on a mooring. Don’t they understand their wakes can cause damage or even injure a person that is unaware that the stupid ass powerboat just went by leaving a monstrous set of waves and causing all boats to roll to their beem ends!?

Stupid asshole power boater speeding though an anchorage = dick!!!!

It isn’t just ‘private’ individuals – but PUBLIC employees!  Multiple times I’ve experienced State of Washington Parks employees speed through a moorage!!

So with that I say no more power boats!  Or only power boats that are slow displacement efficient hull shapes, like most before the 1960s, that even when going at cruise speed put out no more wake than the average sailboat.