To bad: You will be poor forever

Came across this article yesterday –

‘Retirement? How?’ I’m 65, have nothing saved and am coming out of bankruptcy.

The person writing for advice was essentially told ‘you will be working until you either: a) die or b) become so feeble you are forced into the worse kind of old folks home you will wish you were dead.

The US capitalist system is by design set up so most folks will be 100% fully screwed unless you have been lucky enough to 1) never lost a job, 2) been lucky enough to struck it rich and kissed the ass of your boss so often you no longer have any self respect, and/or 3) have family money. *

Below I will quote and respond to the article –

Let’s start with the fact that you’ve gotten your debt in order — that is a huge accomplishment. 

Alessandra Malito writer for Market Watch

Great! You no longer owe banks and other creditors money. Don’t you feel great! Bankers and the money class can enjoy life, cars, healthcare, and a future worth living because their lifestyle was hampered by your dept (not). By the way … you are still screwed and will be more screwed as the banking system and rich will continue to fuck you over.

“It would be great if she [the person writing in is a 65 year old woman] could continue to work until age 70 to maximize her Social Security benefits,” said Stephanie Trexler,

Alessandra Malito writer for Market Watch

Yes it is great to work until you are 70! Especially if you are stuck in a low paying job with no or complete crap for benefits. Hope you don’t get sick or experience any age related issue, as employers will FIRE you for missing a day of work or your performance isn’t equal to someone that is 1/3rd you age. Remember always the great and wonderful USA doesn’t give a shit. Another great about working as a senior citizen is your low slave wage job assures your social security benefit will be small and you will need to keep working full time in order to eat, have a roof over your head, and make payments for that crappy insurance plan. Just a thought to help you get ready: read the book NOMADLAND and see the movie. This is your future! (If you can’t afford a book and a movie try finding them at the local underfunded library.)

… maybe take on some side gigs or learn a few new skills, you can bring in more income

Alessandra Malito writer for Market Watch

It is best that you go out and work more! You only work 40 hours a week in a low wage dead end job with no benefits so get off your lazy old ass and get another job, or two! Sleep, who needs it?! What are you old or something?

There are two primary ways for you to improve your financial situation, said Cody Garrett, a certified financial planner: increasing your income and decreasing your expenses. … look closely at where your money is going every month.

Alessandra Malito writer for Market Watch

I know you already can’t afford rent, utilities, transportation, food, and prescriptions so what I really mean is ‘are you lazy?’ Stop complaining and get another job. I bet you are a Democratic Socialist. Walk to work and get some cash by selling your car! I don’t care if it is raining, cold and dark . Don’t be a slacker! Whats the worse that could happen? You get in better shape? Being healthier would good as you have crappy health insurance. Just don’t catch the flu as you can’t miss work! Don’t worry about walking at night in the crime filled neighborhood you can barely afford to live in … I bet you support ‘defund the police’ so you deserve to be robbed.

Try to have at least three months’ worth of expenses saved to provide a cushion, said Leyla Morgillo

Alessandra Malito writer for Market Watch

What you can’t save money each month?! That’s your problem: you just spend to much on stupid things like rent, utilities, transportation, food, and prescriptions.

treat yourself to a few experiences or things you enjoy (take-out coffee, … or maybe a new shirt at your favorite store …

Alessandra Malito writer for Market Watch

Uh … um … all I can add is FUCK YOU Alessandra , Leyla, Cody and Stephanie! Telling anyone that having an occasional pay cup of coffee and a new shirt is living the good life … oh hell JUST DOUBLE FUCK YOU!!

If you read this far here is a fun fact –

The average income of a full-time U.S. worker in 2018 was $46,800, according to Quartz. At this income and you spent NO money, it will take them over 21,000 years to accumulate $1 billion. And if you wanted to make as much as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whose net worth is estimated to be more than $130 billion, count on almost 2.8 million years of work.  (Notes: the Quartz article is dated October 10, 2019 so these numbers are even more out of date … So get to work you slacker! And just remember that the median wage is substantially less than the average wage so it will take even longer for most of us to make $1B.)

* Yes the system is much much more set up to help the small few over the many. In mid-2018 The Atlantic magazine publish an article that discusses how the 0.1% set up the 9.9% to act as a buffer against the screwed 90%. Read here –

Failed State?

I’m not very proud of the country I live. Politicians care only for big business and their own finances. No longer is there a government for the people. It doesn’t represent the people by any measure (race, sex, values, etc.).

Most disgusting is the head of the the ‘most powerful nation’ is a complete trainwreck only interested in making money for himself, his already rich friends, and destroy every institution – even those government agencies that work! – and return the country to a past that never existed.

All I can do is vote in November, by mail as I’ve done in every election but once since 1985, and hope.


Don’t know the author so just posting without attribution –

Did you guys know the FDA just approved a drug that reduces your chance of getting COVID-19 by 5X? It’s trade name is called Wearamaskasshole. Side effects include mild inconvienience, possible victim complex, fear of people thinking you are a sheeple, being ostracized by your anti-vax plandemic bros, and the power to stop your own asymptomatic transmission as this country stubbornly dives right on into that second wave.

Check with your doctor, or really anyone, to see if Wearamaskasshole is right for you. 🙂 🙂