Cheap or frugal?

I am sailing/cruising/living on a boat built in 1983.

Much of my camping stuff is close to 30 years old.

Am I cheap son of a bitch or just frugal? I like not spending a lot of money and now as I’m unemployable I hold more tightly to my wallet.


How to make my stash of cash last long enough that I don’t need to find some crappy ass job that they would hire a prick like me?


Getting Settled

I no longer have a home.  Well, maybe, I now have two homes.  One is the truck camper and the second is my boat.  I see the truck’s back seat and passenger side footwell as my storage sheds.

Even with only a small percentage of my stuff I am feeling , strangely, like I’ve over-packed.  I’m thinking this is really my reaction to having so little space and feel cluttered.

My homes.

The transition to ‘tiny living’ or ‘going small’ will require me to look at what I have and what I actually use.  The items not used will need to be justified or they will need to go to someone else – I don’t have the space! NO CLUTTER!!

Two boxes

Moving just sucks.  I have to do it so my goal until the final push just prior to my becoming homeless, though I kinda will be moving into two homes: my truck camper and my sailboat, is to pack two boxes every day.

wall of books

As part of that packing I’m finding things to gift to friends and donate to charity.  Besides a good quantity of clothing, bed linens and electronics I’ve shrunk my personal library by 300+ books (still have close to 900).

My slow packing means I’m organizing things and logging each box’s contents into a spreadsheet so, if needed, I can find something prior to being into another place.  Almost all of my stuff will be stored as my near-term combined living space will be a generous 161 sq. ft. – boat is 17′ x 7′ and camper is 6′ x 7′ (not including the camper’s bed as it can’t be used for storage when the roof is down).




With all things being stored if I don’t ‘miss the stuff’ after this spring/summer/fall another ‘purge’ will happen when/if I move into another home/apartment/cave.

I’m free range

I began playing on my own outside my house when I was five years old.  I could walk to kindergarten on my own.  I rode my bike on residential streets.  I played in the woods.  My parents didn’t ‘helicopter’ and let me explore the world.

If you would rather read the story –

That such a law needs to be passed and that people live in such fear and have such little understand about how kids effectively develop into functional adults is one more sad statement on the US social structure.  ‘We’ live in fear of everything and everyone.


Privacy on the Internet

You want privacy on the Internet –

Step one 1: physically disconnect your device from the Internet (ie, remove the cord, turn off the wifi).

That’s it folks.  If you go on the Internet you leave a trail of information.  That trail is made by accessing the Internet on your phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop.  You ‘information’ is now in control by people you may or may not know.   It doesn’t matter if you use Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon … your data and preferences are ‘out there’.

Want privacy: live in a cave (be sure the cave doesn’t have a street address), don’t send/receive any form of mail, don’t vote, don’t use a credit card nor have a bank account, don’t have a job, and most definitely don’t ever do anything on the world-wide-web..


bag-of-moneyWe are tracked, cataloged and monetized.  Business and government see us as only one thing – a source of money.  You think the Internet is ‘free’?  No.  All content has a cost – you either pay for it or you provide your personal information (and usually both).