My crook v your crook

The latest political game show has me asking this question:

If my politician did <insert behavior here> would you be angry and want to denounce/impeach him/her?

If you say yes then the same answer stands for your politician. Sadly the majority of the electorate then turn blind eye to their politician’s bad behavior. Partisan politics sees no wrong.

I believe that if we the electorate held our ‘servants of the people’ to standard of acceptable behavior, regardless of political party, ‘we the people’ will ‘clear out the swamp’. The politicians will never stop the graft and self-serving behaviors.

Instead ‘we the people’ continue to allow, even encourage, bad behavior by reelecting these crooks and charlatans as long as it is ‘our politician’. Politicians remain in office, become multi-millionaires and retire with full medical benefits. ‘We The People’ just suck it.

The USA deserves the swamp it has created.