Trolling for likes

I really hate posters on Instagram that fill their image descriptions with #followme and #likeme and requests to #tagthem and #tagothers #tagyourfriends to be #spammy. (My #hashtagging annoy you?!)

Lately I have been blocking any poster on my followed hashtags that begs for follows or tagging. I find most of these people are just sharing other persons’ images or banal content that is clickbait and spammy advertising crap.

I like following others, and some hashtags, to see different things and maybe be inspired. Most are people know.

I say to people in Instagram, ‘on’t waste my time in trying to build your ego shamelessly.” Yes I realize blogs and Instagram are about ego. Just don’t do it so blatantly! If you provide content that people find interesting and inspiring you will gain followers. Begging for it makes you asshole.

I recommend anyone reading to block Instagram posters that beg for follows.