Powerboats suck

This is a rant.  You don’t want to read a rant stop now.

I find that most power boaters, again I’m saying most, just don’t know anything about etiquette or the rules of the road on the water. They are impolite, nit at all courteous, and generally are assholes.

First being a sailboat has the priority on the water. This means that a powerboat must do all they can to be out of the way of a sailboat. I’m talking when a sailboat is sailing and not using a motor. This means a powerboat should give way, give space, and generally not be close to the sailboat because that big ass wake will disturb the wind in the sails. Most power boaters do not get this and seem that it is so much trouble with their hundreds of horsepower to turn off the autopilot and put down their beer to change course to give a sailboat space.

Next power boaters don’t seem to understand their wakes are greatly disturbing as their boats are greatly inefficient in the water. Power boaters seem to think it is fine to ignore a speed limit or wake limit in an anchorage, Bay or garboe. Even when there isn’t a limit the power boater seems to think it’s okay to charge through anchored boats or boats on a mooring. Don’t they understand their wakes can cause damage or even injure a person that is unaware that the stupid ass powerboat just went by leaving a monstrous set of waves and causing all boats to roll to their beem ends!?

Stupid asshole power boater speeding though an anchorage = dick!!!!

It isn’t just ‘private’ individuals – but PUBLIC employees!  Multiple times I’ve experienced State of Washington Parks employees speed through a moorage!!

So with that I say no more power boats!  Or only power boats that are slow displacement efficient hull shapes, like most before the 1960s, that even when going at cruise speed put out no more wake than the average sailboat.