Let’s not downplay this

I have, disturbingly, friends and acquaintances that seem to believe that the social distancing reaction to coronavirus has been overplayed. Most recently some find this graphic objectionable –

Their response when seeing the chart is, ‘it isn’t scientific!’ Well it sure is how humans respond to an event if things end up not being a worse case outcome. If the response makes things not so bad people doubt the need action was needed.

Many believe CV-19 isn’t that bad. Well –

Kloots said Cordero had no pre-existing health conditions before he tested positive for coronavirus, and has always been healthy.

He has since tested negative for coronavirus, but is continuing to battle complications from it. Some of the complications include septic shock, “mini-strokes” and a leg amputation, his wife said.


This NEW disease isn’t yet understood. The book is being written, edited and changed each minute. My relatives and friends that work on the front line of this disease, a doc that is head of a large metro ER and RNs around the country, tell me, ‘be scared of this!’ Corona isn’t the flu nor a cold and no amount of FOX News or wishful thinking will make things better.

The United States is showing how we have become a lesser power thru our faltering response to this disease. Science and listening to medical professionals is now a political statement. The world is laughing at us.

As the ‘grand reopening’ continues with incomplete and at times incompetent information and refusals to take basic safety precautions everyone is a guinea pig. We will know the answer when the numbers of new sick are reported.

I hope the numbers of sick and dead continue to decrease … though the science states my wish is misplaced.