Turn off the lights

All the bulbs in my home are low-energy: either LED or fluorescent (as the florescents burn out they usually get replaced with LEDs). My energy use is little – my monthly bill is usually about $20! But, I am always trying to do better: both for the environment and my pocket book.

My push now is to let the house ‘go dark’. More and more I am turning off lights except where needed for reading or writing. This has been harder than I thought it would be as my place is north facing and only has one small bedroom window and the patio glass doors – the place is dark, and even worse if there are any clouds covering the sun.

So, I’m trying harder to be better and use a little less light.

Bathroom painting

No, not a painting of a bathroom – I painted the bathroom.

Over a year ago – almost 18 months maybe – my landlady painted the bathroom after the tub was redone.  She is a very nice person but proves once again that most folks don’t know how to paint a room.  Besides the skips (I’ll allow for many as the prior color was a light brown so covering with white is a challenge) she didn’t remove any of the hardware on the walls!


The above photos show a very common error that I see even in places you would expect the job would have been done by a professional.

So, with all my free time because of the ‘status change’, I’ve re-painted the bathroom.  First I removed all the things hung on the walls and the vent over the ceiling.  I choose to put in an accent wall – a gray that is really close to the color of the shower’s walls.  Once the paint dried, and I cleaned up the paint ‘slop’ my landlady put on the wall hardware, I put the bathroom back together.


I’m happy with it – though I expect I’ll obsess for a few months with all my small skips/errors noticed while sitting in the room.

Giving away books

It is like removing a part of my body.  I LOVE BOOKS!  I like them around and love to read.  Put me in a bookstore and it is hard for me to leave without a purchase (leaving the store is also a challenge).

My goal during this ‘time of transition‘ is to clear spaces so some of my 1000+ (you read that right one thousand) books must go.

wall of books
This is just one of my ‘wall o’ books & movies’.


box of books
Yes, I admit with all the books taking only half a box is very lame

I have picked up a pile that was in a corner that I had tried to sell on craigslist.  It is hard to sell books.  I have been successful, but nothing besides a few here and there.  So I’m donating a half-box to charity.

Many more books need to make their way to craigslist and charity!  You want one?

Crazy cat guy

I have a cat.  momma sleepingMost of the time I care more  about and for my cat than other people and myself.

Momma Kitty (ya I know it is a lame-ass name) was a stray found 12 years ago in the backyard of the place I was living.  She and four kittens came into my life unexpectedly and literally (put that word in just to piss you off) through the back door.

She is my roommate, traveling companion and my BFF (non-human variety).  We have crossed the country more times than I can count over the past eleven years (more than 150,000 miles driven).  She does great in the truck, in the camper and in hotel rooms: never pissed on anything nor damaged any furniture.  Momma Kitty has even been a guest in households of folks that aren’t ‘cat people’. Together we have cruised my sailboat, and other boats, for multiple days and even weeks.

momma copilot
Momma Kitty is an excellent co-pilot.
momma on S17
Momma Kitty checks out the San Juan Islands, WA, during a sailboat cruise.

Even so, as with all relationships, there are the times she throws up into my shoes …


So much crap

I sit in my place and look at all the crap that surrounds me.  This is a lot less crap than I had seven years ago and much less than 13 years ago (my ‘max crap’ period).  Seven and 13 years ago I purged a lot of things out of my life … it is time to do that once again.  I expect this time to be a bit harder as my crap quantity is much lower, so the stuff I have seems more important.

My three largest collections of things are:

  • books & magazines
  • videos (ie, movies and TV shows on VHS, DVD and Blueray)
  • music (ie, CDs)


Talking to a friend who has over the past year truly removed all the crap from his life.   He moved last fall, all he needed, in a 2001 Honda Civic – yeah, it all fit in the little car.