Pissing off adult children

Every few years it seems I piss off some adults that really have the maturity of children.

The latest is on one of the Internet forums where I’m a moderator. Some of the members seem to think it is OK to take swipes at each other and also take the occasional shot at the company hosting the site. I’m all about discussion, sharing information, thoughts and opinions. BUT I don’t tolerate attacks on others and snide comments against the host.

So these users had been needing some direction on how to act as adults. At first I asked them to be aware of their tone and keep on-topic. They continued and I removed their offending posts. They didn’t take it at all well and cried ‘censorship!’ These ‘adults’ don’t understand that private forums have no freedom of speech protections, don’t fully understand what freedom of speech means: where the USA first amendment applies (ie, not on private forum).

These people just want no filtering of the dribble coming off their fingers and believe there are no consequences for whatever they type. This is what the Internet easily allows – communicating things that done face-to-face would result in a bunch in the mouth.

I’ve been ‘on the net’ since the late 80s) pre-www/html stuff, became moderator on a bulletin board in 1989, created my first www-site in 1995 … so I think I have a good grasp on what is acceptable.

So they are now ‘taking their toys and leaving’ while taking pot shots at me on forums they don’t realize I’m also member.

I’m hoping these few stay away … but I honestly think they will return after lurking in the background.


I’m free range

I began playing on my own outside my house when I was five years old.  I could walk to kindergarten on my own.  I rode my bike on residential streets.  I played in the woods.  My parents didn’t ‘helicopter’ and let me explore the world.


If you would rather read the story –


That such a law needs to be passed and that people live in such fear and have such little understand about how kids effectively develop into functional adults is one more sad statement on the US social structure.  ‘We’ live in fear of everything and everyone.


Privacy on the Internet

You want privacy on the Internet –

Step one 1: physically disconnect your device from the Internet (ie, remove the cord, turn off the wifi).

That’s it folks.  If you go on the Internet you leave a trail of information.  That trail is made by accessing the Internet on your phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop.  You ‘information’ is now in control by people you may or may not know.   It doesn’t matter if you use Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon … your data and preferences are ‘out there’.

Want privacy: live in a cave (be sure the cave doesn’t have a street address), don’t send/receive any form of mail, don’t vote, don’t use a credit card nor have a bank account, don’t have a job, and most definitely don’t ever do anything on the world-wide-web..


bag-of-moneyWe are tracked, cataloged and monetized.  Business and government see us as only one thing – a source of money.  You think the Internet is ‘free’?  No.  All content has a cost – you either pay for it or you provide your personal information (and usually both).

Finding old things

With time on my hands and in preparation for the future I’m going through many boxes to reduce and recycle my collection of crap.  In one box of miscellaneous things I found an article I had ripped out of Outside Magazine in 2005 – yeah … 2005!

The piece was written by Yvon Chouinard the founder of Patagonia and discussed his philosophy of business and life (close to being the same thing).  After rereading I find that the issues still ‘kicks me in the head’ as it did back in 2015 (can it have really been 12+ years ago!?) where the issues of how most businesses are run and the slow death of our world’s environment are now happening at an even faster rate.

I was very proud when in 2017 Patagonia took a stand for the environment and American people’s public spaces –

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed a resolution on Friday urging the Trump administration to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument, making it clear that he and other Utah elected officials do not support public lands conservation nor do they value the economic benefits – $12 billion in consumer spending and 122,000 jobs – that the outdoor recreation industry brings to their state. Because of the hostile environment they have created and their blatant disregard for Bears Ears National Monument and other public lands, the backbone of our business, Patagonia will no longer attend the Outdoor Retailer show in Utah …

– Patagonia Works, 6 Feb. ’17

Read the 2005 article for yourself and see what ‘resonates’ for you –

Let My People Go Surfing

Can you take a company to the top when you can’t stand nearly everything about traditional business and what it represents? Read the entire thing by clicking HERE.

– Outside Magazine, Oct. 2005


Coming back from my recent trip a rollover accident happened right in front of me on Colorado I-25 by milepost 135; just south of Fort Carson.  An SUV heading south drifted off the road and into the meridian (no divider) and rolled.  I was heading north and needed to quickly figure my options as the vehicle looked to be rolling into northbound traffic …

Everyone’s luck held, except for the SUV’s, as it came to a stop in the meridian – after a couple of rolls.

I and many others stopped.  Some ran to assist – I called 911.

no cell - circleThe entire thing looks like a ‘distracted driver incident’.  Folks – when driving a vehicle DON’T USE YOUR GOD DAMNED FUCKING CELL PHONE!!  I have my cell synced with the truck’s radio so I can receive a call – ALL HANDS FREE and I can answer the call using buttons on the steering wheel.

My rules when answering the phone –

  3. Not on winding roads
  4. Not a number that I don’t know – caller ID flashes on the truck’s ‘entertainment screen’
  5. OK, do you get the point? My default step is NOT to answer the fucking phone!

I cell ticketdrive a lot of miles and the number of people distractedly talking on their cell IN THEIR HAND, or texting, or surfing is SCARY!!!  There is no excuse and I do wish there was a way to enforce the many laws against driving ‘under the influence of a cell phone’.

Just don’t do it!  Just don’t USE IT!  Turn the fucking thing OFF!! If you can’t turn off your cell when driving you have an addiction and require HELP!!!  Your own life, your passengers’ lives and the lives of the other drivers are more fucking important than anything you can see or call you can make/receive on you damn cell phone!

Spoiled children

When, ever, should a kid have their own ‘study’ … and then should it cost $57,500?!  I clearly have a difference of opinion on how children should be raised and how the 1% spend money.  Read all about it –


I’m of the opinion that kids need to learn to share common space and a good starting location is in what was called the family room when I grew up.  Increasingly ‘younger folks’ just don’t know how to share.  I saw this in a prior career in higher education (20 years working in Student Affairs).

Guess I’m having one of those ‘the younger generation’ moments.


A parade … perfect!

Time for me to be an opinionated asshole –

A parade?  A FUCKING parade?!  Budget problems … people with lack of food … people with no insurance … the military itself complains it doesn’t have enough money and THE TRUMPY wants a fucking parade?!  This is America(?). The orange haired idiot throws an ego event while at the same time attacking the most needy and complaining that the country/government is mismanaged?!

 Image: http://ww2today.com/28th-october-1941-germans-learn-of-the-atrocities-in-the-east