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Did you guys know the FDA just approved a drug that reduces your chance of getting COVID-19 by 5X? It’s trade name is called Wearamaskasshole. Side effects include mild inconvienience, possible victim complex, fear of people thinking you are a sheeple, being ostracized by your anti-vax plandemic bros, and the power to stop your own asymptomatic transmission as this country stubbornly dives right on into that second wave.

Check with your doctor, or really anyone, to see if Wearamaskasshole is right for you. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Shut Trumpy the fuck up!

Trump just don’t get it and has made the US a laughing stock of a country. America has lost all credibility and increasingly acts like a failed State with corrupt leaders that care nothing but their own betterment and egos.

With both Bush presidents I could find some things to agree and found their leadership appropriate. Both could show respect to others and cared deeply for the country the Presidency. Trump has degraded the office and the country.

I’m disgusted and not at all proud of the country I was born.