Giving up my past

I’m living in a moment of change and needing to make many decisions about my future and having the strength to leave behind my past.

So when you feel Shiva’s heat, when the cleansing, incinerating moment comes, seize it. Give the trappings of your identity to the flames. Throw your wallet into the exploding car. Burn it up, and be renewed.

– ‘The Bonfire Of Humanity’, The Atlantic, November 2017

My ‘car’ has most definitely ‘exploded’.  What I have done was important.  The choices about ‘what was done’ are my own.  Ahead are many roads and courses.


This is a process that may have false starts, some dead ends, and maybe a shallow reef … but I will be renewed!

trying to kill people

Some scary statements are put out there by folks that don’t care about what happens to others that ‘may not know better’.  Browsing craigslist found this –



The seller is stating –

trailerable by car sleeps 4 offshore boat

Holly hell Batman are your trying to get people killed!?!?

Next owner statement –

Can be towed by mid size car and sailed to Hawaii. … The [Potter] 19 has made trips to Hawaii

OK … all true BUT any sane person cannot expect a stock Potter 19 to cross oceans.  The boat is lightly built with minimum layup (ie, the fiberglass used, in both thickness and how put together), lightly ballasted (ie, only the steel daggerboard) and not appropriate to on a blue water crossing and caught in a gale or worse.   The standing rig is also on the light size for appropriate crossing the ocean blue.

A Potter 19 is a good inland water and coastal cruiser.  It does well and is, in most situations, a comfortable boat.  The new boats were inexpensive, almost cheap, and for a person that doesn’t want ‘the best built or best sailor’ were a good choice.  NOTE: I state all of this in the past sense as the builder, International Marine (aka, IM), sold the company to China and the boat molds are no longer in the USA.

I write the above as a person that was in the boat industry and NEVER sold the boats I built as more than they were nor told a prospect an untruth about what the boat was capable.  The boats I built were significantly better built and better sea boats than any Potter – and I would never encourage anyone to sail one of the boats I sold to cross an ocean.

This is a situation of Caveat emptor and one of many examples the boating industry is failing – builders and sales are not honest – yeah, a lot like used car dealers!!

If you are looking for a blue water capable 20-ish-foot sailboat I recommend a Flicka.

A substantial full keeled boat – SAFE for bluewater cruising!

Listening to the radio

Growing up my dad built me a tree house.  I would spend the night up in that tree as often as I could.  I have no idea how long or often I stayed in my fort, but it sure seems like a long time – fall, winter, spring and summer for many years.

Besides reading and cooking my own breakfast of pancakes – yeah a kid COOKING on a backpacking STOVE, something that no parent would allow in this over-protective day.  During these adventures in the back yard I would listen to a AM/FM radio.  It was a big black thing with a mid-to-late-70s look.

I have small little green ‘emergency’ radio in my truck camper.  Works good enough for me to listen to the news and occasionally some music.  I’ve found a classic rock station that reminds me of the tree house listening to the tunes and reading the night away.  A good memory.

green radio
A good little radio.

I’ll also be taking this radio along during trip this spring/summer/fall on my sailboat.

‘Gain followers now!’

Asget more likes fast - NO my personal Instagram page and this BLOG come on-line I’m amazed how quickly the spammers try to get their hooks into the feeds.  The number of ‘gain followers’ and ‘get lots of likes’ sales attempts that come across my feeds is astounding.


To you, my readers and ‘lookers’: like me if you enjoy the content,  follow if you feel you want to read and see more of what I have to say,  comment on my posts if you wish.  Pay you to do any of this – NO!

Bathroom painting

No, not a painting of a bathroom – I painted the bathroom.

Over a year ago – almost 18 months maybe – my landlady painted the bathroom after the tub was redone.  She is a very nice person but proves once again that most folks don’t know how to paint a room.  Besides the skips (I’ll allow for many as the prior color was a light brown so covering with white is a challenge) she didn’t remove any of the hardware on the walls!


The above photos show a very common error that I see even in places you would expect the job would have been done by a professional.

So, with all my free time because of the ‘status change’, I’ve re-painted the bathroom.  First I removed all the things hung on the walls and the vent over the ceiling.  I choose to put in an accent wall – a gray that is really close to the color of the shower’s walls.  Once the paint dried, and I cleaned up the paint ‘slop’ my landlady put on the wall hardware, I put the bathroom back together.


I’m happy with it – though I expect I’ll obsess for a few months with all my small skips/errors noticed while sitting in the room.

Spoiled children

When, ever, should a kid have their own ‘study’ … and then should it cost $57,500?!  I clearly have a difference of opinion on how children should be raised and how the 1% spend money.  Read all about it –

I’m of the opinion that kids need to learn to share common space and a good starting location is in what was called the family room when I grew up.  Increasingly ‘younger folks’ just don’t know how to share.  I saw this in a prior career in higher education (20 years working in Student Affairs).

Guess I’m having one of those ‘the younger generation’ moments.


Ends are a PITA

All changes result in difficulty.  Even when the change is for the better there are moments, long a short, that make one question if the stepping off the current ‘safe’ path was the right thing to do.  At this moment I’m in the early stages of ‘was it worth it’ part of my transition to again finding my new self.  At this moment the change has resulted in others taking their last ‘pot shots’ at me thought foot dragging and being a general PITA.  I know this period will pass and I’ll move into a better place.

Giving away books

It is like removing a part of my body.  I LOVE BOOKS!  I like them around and love to read.  Put me in a bookstore and it is hard for me to leave without a purchase (leaving the store is also a challenge).

My goal during this ‘time of transition‘ is to clear spaces so some of my 1000+ (you read that right one thousand) books must go.

wall of books
This is just one of my ‘wall o’ books & movies’.


box of books
Yes, I admit with all the books taking only half a box is very lame

I have picked up a pile that was in a corner that I had tried to sell on craigslist.  It is hard to sell books.  I have been successful, but nothing besides a few here and there.  So I’m donating a half-box to charity.

Many more books need to make their way to craigslist and charity!  You want one?

Crazy cat guy

I have a cat.  momma sleepingMost of the time I care more  about and for my cat than other people and myself.

Momma Kitty (ya I know it is a lame-ass name) was a stray found 12 years ago in the backyard of the place I was living.  She and four kittens came into my life unexpectedly and literally (put that word in just to piss you off) through the back door.

She is my roommate, traveling companion and my BFF (non-human variety).  We have crossed the country more times than I can count over the past eleven years (more than 150,000 miles driven).  She does great in the truck, in the camper and in hotel rooms: never pissed on anything nor damaged any furniture.  Momma Kitty has even been a guest in households of folks that aren’t ‘cat people’. Together we have cruised my sailboat, and other boats, for multiple days and even weeks.

momma copilot
Momma Kitty is an excellent co-pilot.
momma on S17
Momma Kitty checks out the San Juan Islands, WA, during a sailboat cruise.

Even so, as with all relationships, there are the times she throws up into my shoes …


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