Crazy cat guy

I have a cat.  momma sleepingMost of the time I care more  about and for my cat than other people and myself.

Momma Kitty (ya I know it is a lame-ass name) was a stray found 12 years ago in the backyard of the place I was living.  She and four kittens came into my life unexpectedly and literally (put that word in just to piss you off) through the back door.

She is my roommate, traveling companion and my BFF (non-human variety).  We have crossed the country more times than I can count over the past eleven years (more than 150,000 miles driven).  She does great in the truck, in the camper and in hotel rooms: never pissed on anything nor damaged any furniture.  Momma Kitty has even been a guest in households of folks that aren’t ‘cat people’. Together we have cruised my sailboat, and other boats, for multiple days and even weeks.

momma copilot
Momma Kitty is an excellent co-pilot.
momma on S17
Momma Kitty checks out the San Juan Islands, WA, during a sailboat cruise.

Even so, as with all relationships, there are the times she throws up into my shoes …


My home isn’t large and I still loose things

Looking for a magazine.  Two copies of Sailing Magazine December 2017.  The issue is important to me as I was the featured sailor in the monthly ‘Sailors Among Us’ feature (the one about me isn’t yet available on-line).

sailing mag dec 2017
Momma Kitty on the left.  Me in yellow on the right.

My place is 600 sq. ft..  Where did those mags go!?