Two boxes

Moving just sucks.  I have to do it so my goal until the final push just prior to my becoming homeless, though I kinda will be moving into two homes: my truck camper and my sailboat, is to pack two boxes every day.

wall of books

As part of that packing I’m finding things to gift to friends and donate to charity.  Besides a good quantity of clothing, bed linens and electronics I’ve shrunk my personal library by 300+ books (still have close to 900).

My slow packing means I’m organizing things and logging each box’s contents into a spreadsheet so, if needed, I can find something prior to being into another place.  Almost all of my stuff will be stored as my near-term combined living space will be a generous 161 sq. ft. – boat is 17′ x 7′ and camper is 6′ x 7′ (not including the camper’s bed as it can’t be used for storage when the roof is down).




With all things being stored if I don’t ‘miss the stuff’ after this spring/summer/fall another ‘purge’ will happen when/if I move into another home/apartment/cave.

Giving away books

It is like removing a part of my body.  I LOVE BOOKS!  I like them around and love to read.  Put me in a bookstore and it is hard for me to leave without a purchase (leaving the store is also a challenge).

My goal during this ‘time of transition‘ is to clear spaces so some of my 1000+ (you read that right one thousand) books must go.

wall of books
This is just one of my ‘wall o’ books & movies’.


box of books
Yes, I admit with all the books taking only half a box is very lame

I have picked up a pile that was in a corner that I had tried to sell on craigslist.  It is hard to sell books.  I have been successful, but nothing besides a few here and there.  So I’m donating a half-box to charity.

Many more books need to make their way to craigslist and charity!  You want one?