Listening to the radio

Growing up my dad built me a tree house.  I would spend the night up in that tree as often as I could.  I have no idea how long or often I stayed in my fort, but it sure seems like a long time – fall, winter, spring and summer for many years.

Besides reading and cooking my own breakfast of pancakes – yeah a kid COOKING on a backpacking STOVE, something that no parent would allow in this over-protective day.  During these adventures in the back yard I would listen to a AM/FM radio.  It was a big black thing with a mid-to-late-70s look.

I have small little green ‘emergency’ radio in my truck camper.  Works good enough for me to listen to the news and occasionally some music.  I’ve found a classic rock station that reminds me of the tree house listening to the tunes and reading the night away.  A good memory.

green radio
A good little radio.

I’ll also be taking this radio along during trip this spring/summer/fall on my sailboat.

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