Bathroom painting

No, not a painting of a bathroom – I painted the bathroom.

Over a year ago – almost 18 months maybe – my landlady painted the bathroom after the tub was redone.  She is a very nice person but proves once again that most folks don’t know how to paint a room.  Besides the skips (I’ll allow for many as the prior color was a light brown so covering with white is a challenge) she didn’t remove any of the hardware on the walls!


The above photos show a very common error that I see even in places you would expect the job would have been done by a professional.

So, with all my free time because of the ‘status change’, I’ve re-painted the bathroom.  First I removed all the things hung on the walls and the vent over the ceiling.  I choose to put in an accent wall – a gray that is really close to the color of the shower’s walls.  Once the paint dried, and I cleaned up the paint ‘slop’ my landlady put on the wall hardware, I put the bathroom back together.


I’m happy with it – though I expect I’ll obsess for a few months with all my small skips/errors noticed while sitting in the room.

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