Giving away books

It is like removing a part of my body.  I LOVE BOOKS!  I like them around and love to read.  Put me in a bookstore and it is hard for me to leave without a purchase (leaving the store is also a challenge).

My goal during this ‘time of transition‘ is to clear spaces so some of my 1000+ (you read that right one thousand) books must go.

wall of books
This is just one of my ‘wall o’ books & movies’.


box of books
Yes, I admit with all the books taking only half a box is very lame

I have picked up a pile that was in a corner that I had tried to sell on craigslist.  It is hard to sell books.  I have been successful, but nothing besides a few here and there.  So I’m donating a half-box to charity.

Many more books need to make their way to craigslist and charity!  You want one?

2 thoughts on “Giving away books

  1. Dave, don’t do anything hasty with regard to your book collection! I lost the majority of my book collection due to hurricanes since 2004, ending with Superstorm Sandy. I only had time to pack up a portion of what was left of my personal library into empty cat litter buckets before the Hurricane struck. Those were the books that were able to be saved unscathed. This may be the year I buy a cargo trailer to store them in! I now use milk crates as this allows for stacking and keeps the volume condensed. Box them up and place them in temporary storage until you return from your voyage. Only another person who loves to read can understand your anguish in ‘trying to get rid of a few books’.


    1. It is hard but I’m keeping the books that I have more significant feelings – this equals over 900 titles. I’ve donated and gifted over 300 over the last six weeks. I need to clear space as I can’t afford to keep them (ie, storage fees and money out takes away from things like food and healthcare). my future living space will be small, both my future income prospects and I’ve been a fan of ‘tiny houses’ for some time – even before they became ‘cool’; so I just need to get rid of stuff. Yes it is a HARD process!


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