So much crap

I sit in my place and look at all the crap that surrounds me.  This is a lot less crap than I had seven years ago and much less than 13 years ago (my ‘max crap’ period).  Seven and 13 years ago I purged a lot of things out of my life … it is time to do that once again.  I expect this time to be a bit harder as my crap quantity is much lower, so the stuff I have seems more important.

My three largest collections of things are:

  • books & magazines
  • videos (ie, movies and TV shows on VHS, DVD and Blueray)
  • music (ie, CDs)


Talking to a friend who has over the past year truly removed all the crap from his life.   He moved last fall, all he needed, in a 2001 Honda Civic – yeah, it all fit in the little car.


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