Another chapter

And this chapter seems like the one before just before …

I am once again unemployed.  I’m now saying that I’m an unemployable opinionated ass that has to much higher education for my own good.   Somehow I pulled off getting a BA and MS 25 years ago … all the good that ‘paper’ does for me now!

Here I’ll ramble on things that don’t matter one bit.


My plan for spring … sailing away!

I also keep two other blogs that cover more specific activities that I enjoy –

  • Sailing –   This site covers my adventures in my boat, a Montgomery 17 named SWEET PEA (pictured above).
  • Truck camping –  This site covers my adventures in my truck camper (pictured below).
My plan for when I’m not sailing!


12 thoughts on “Another chapter

  1. Dave, you are always welcome out East here on the farm in coastal NJ. Plenty of room to leave your truck n trailer while you go off exploring these waters😀 Just maybe a plan B? If you decide on not Heading West. Going to miss visiting with you in October in Naptown. Eugene n Patty


  2. Roger That Dave! We hope that you become a regular columnist in Small Craft Advisor magazine. Our offer has no expiration date, just show up anytime!

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